Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have 24 hour nursing?

At Heritage Heights retirement home, we provide 24 hour nursing care as needed from helpful staff who truly care about the well-being of your loved ones.

What can my family member bring with them?

Heritage Heights will provide all the furniture your family member needs in their room. However we encourage residents to bring their own furniture and personal items such as family photos, a familiar bedspread. We feel this would make the transition easier on your family member.
If possible, visit the Heights before your family member moves in, so you can see the physical layout, amount of closet space, and any furniture included.

When is it time to consider a retirement home?

As we watch our parents grow older in front of our eyes this can be a very difficult time for children. We want to see them safe in their environment yet still hold on to their independence. At this time considering a retirement home for your parents or loved one will often bring initial stress, but once a suitable retirement home is found siblings will feel comfort and reassurance from supportive staff that often brings the family unit together to make the very important decision of finding a retirement home that will suit the needs of their aging parents or loved one.

Are the prices quoted all inclusive?

Yes the price is all inclusive; it is broken down to rent cost, care and meals. The only things that you need to cover extra would be:
Phone- through facility
Cable- through a 3rd party service provider
Medication costs
Any personal items or needs ex: Haircuts, foot care, restorative care and personal toiletries etc…

Why Choose Us?

Seniors living in and looking for a retirement home in Cornwall, Long Sault, Alexandria, Hawkesbury, Lancaster and Morrisburg choose Heritage Heights for their quality of care and commitment to its’ residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Interested in visiting our retirement home?

Get a complimentary lunch with every booked tour 🙂 Request a free tour1-844-932-7786

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