On March 11,2020 it was announced that COVID-19 was classified as a Pandemic virus.

After that day the world as we knew it changed, Heritage Heights and Heritage Manor have followed all Ministry Directives, EOHU, ORCA/RHRA recommendations and continue to adjust LTC/Retirement directives on a daily basis in order to provide the protection of your loved ones and our staff.

What Heritage Heights and Heritage Manor is doing to protect your loved ones and the Staff that care for them:

  • The Ministry of Health has Restricted visitors to only essential personal only, the door remains locked and essential workers are assessed and screened by trained personal where upon entry temperature is taken, and a list of symptoms is reviewed, questions are asked. This process is reviewed at the end of there shift as well.
  • Staff who notice symptoms at home are to contact the EOHU and remain at home until instructed by the Health unit. They must not attend work and notify there supervisor immediately.
  • All new Admissions and Re-Admissions from hospital are on hold till further notice from the Ministry.
  • All new admissions from the community are screened and placed on 14 days Isolation and tested for COVID-19 on admission.
  • All Health care workers are limited to working at one health care facility. Outside organizations (Bayshore) staff have been assigned to one home and do not preform care in the community until further notice.
  • All staff including outside organization staff must always wear a mask and practice social distancing. Further PPE is available gowns, gloves and their own personal face shields should they be needed or requested for care.
  • Meal times have been structured to limit social distancing including but not limited to tray service in rooms.
  • Activity/Recreation have been structured to smaller groups and social distancing enforced by trained staff. We know the importance of continuing socialization amongst our residents and encourage phone calls, letters/cards from family members we have set up Facebook Messenger and Skype for communication with family if requested.
  • Families may prepare special care packages we recommend pickup/drop off be limited to one per week all packages will be sanitized prior to bringing to family within the homes.
  • Extra staff have been assigned to both sites for sanitizing purpose.
  • Management has implemented a program where our staff and are care suppliers (Bayshore) can purchase weekly groceries from our food suppliers, we have also partnered with Shoppers Drug Mart who will take orders and deliver to both sites in the aid to reduce the risk our staff going out in the community.
  • Active screening of all residents is done twice daily including temperature taking, if a resident is noted to demonstrate signs and symptoms they will immediately be placed on isolation and swabbed for COVID-19 test will be sent to Lab. Upon results of a positive reading families/staff will be promptly notified. In addition, an outbreak would immediately be declared thus restricting admissions and discharges until outbreak is declared over. Our management team have worked endlessly to provide Protocols be in place if an outbreak should be declared.
  • Communication will continue to be informed to families and staff about COVID-19 and steps/protocols will be taken if COVID-19 is suspected or confirmed in staff or resident.
  • Our retirement homes are well equipped with the proper PPE for prevention and if needed in the case that an outbreak is declared. We continue to seek out PPE to keep our stock re-plenished and encourage any donations from other organizations would be greatly appreciated.

Heritage Heights and Heritage Manor Retirement homes take pride in the care that is provided by our facilities and all departments. We will take every step necessary to ensure your loved ones are keep safe during this crisis. We thank you for your cooperation in this time and realize the concerns of all involved, putting the trust in the hands of our homes to keep your loved ones safe can and must be a very unsettling feeling in this time when the elderly are so vulnerable to this virus. I can assure you that we will do our best to protect and support your loved ones and get through this together.

Sue Crepeau, General Manager
Cc Dean Rushlow, Owner

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